Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Thank you to my awesome Secret Santa!  You know me too well! (This happens to be one of my favorite wines and an added bonus it’s the Reserva)

This is a Malbec from Argentina and for those of you thinking Malbec-What?... A Malbec is a variety of purple grape used in making red wine. The grapes tend to have an inky, dark color and robust tannins.

A little about this particular red wine.

This Malbec has been aged 15 months in oak barrels.  It’s an intensely flavorful, full-bodied wine that has soft, round tannins with layers of ripe plum, blackberry and dark cherry, accented by hints of brown spice and chocolate.

Food Paring:
This is definitely a red meat wine that is adaptable enough to stand up to spicy Mexican, Cajun, Indian, Thai or Italian.  Malbecs can pair with a wide variety of beef, game, lamb, chili, stews, mushrooms, sausage and barbecue sauces. (I personally will drink this wine with anything)

Since 1884, the wines of Don Miguel Gascon have been recognized for the rich, smooth flavors that come from Argentina’s Mendoza wine region.  The finest grapes are hand-selected from cool, high altitude vineyards in the prestigious UCO Valley and Agrelo regions for this small production Malbec.


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